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Third Spirits

Abilities: ​Blaken’s psychic powers are multifaceted. He absorbs and reemits psionic energy that stuns or dements his victims according to his will. Blaken can also read and control—to an extent—the minds of humans, and break Pan’s hold over minions who are not fully corrupted.


Personality: The leader of the Weasels, Blaken is sensitive and strong-willed. On the surface, he appears optimistic, but inside, he beats himself up and blames himself for events that are out of his control.​


Third Spirits

Abilities: Marston is a tree-wielder who can control woodlands within a limited circumference.


Personality: Marston is sarcastic, temperamental, and speaks his mind freely. He is emotionally linked to the woodlands, and shares its hatred for humanity.


Third Spirits

Abilities: Rowen is a lightning-bearer who utilizes various metals (mostly musket balls) to fry minions. He is the fastest and most agile of the Weasels.


Personality: Rowen is a taciturn and serious-minded warrior. He can be callous and unforgiving, and prefers to ponder rather than talk.


Third Spirits

Abilities: Seddus throws daggers at high speeds.


Personality: Seddus is charming and inquisitive. He has the bearing of a diplomat, and tends to be nonviolent as opposed to warring. His adventurous nature often leads him to be impulsive.


First Spirits

Abilities: Dalasia’s powers are multifaceted. She has the gift of foresight, and possesses great psychic and magical strength. Her spells send Second Spirits and Third Spirits to Earth, allowing them to take hosts and subsequently develop powers.


Personality: The Queen blames herself for not sensing Thayer’s betrayal before it happened, and will stop at nothing to save Rancientia and Earth from his evil.

LOKANE Raccoon

Third Spirits

Abilities: Lokane pops sand that burns and stings the skin upon contact. 


Personality: Lokane is a natural showman. He has a theatric fighting style that mirrors his eccentric personality.


First Spirits

Abilities: Pan manipulates space and opens rifts called “dark worlds,” nonphysical places that exist within Earth’s voids. Pan uses his voids to travel miles in minutes, regardless of natural barriers, and uses mind control to enslave minions for his bidding. 


Backstory & Personality: Long ago, Thayer helped his fellow First Spirits defeat the dark magician King Brimbold. However, he became convinced that interbreeding between Spirit and Magi watered down the spirit race, and hindered the true potential of the First Spirits. In secret, he learned the dark arts. Eventually, he and his followers led a revolt against Queen Dalasia, but were unsuccessful. To escape imprisonment, Thayer cast an Escape Spell and transferred to Earth in 1442 A.D. The spell drained him of his energy, and he remained powerless and unable to take corporeal shape for hundreds of years. Slowly but surely, he regained his strength. In 1741, he usurped the body of British officer Ingram White. Thereafter, he dubbed himself Pan. He became a lover of women, games, and random acts of violence. For his own sport, he effectively sparked the American Revolution in 1770 with the “Boston Massacre,” as seen in the prologue of issue one. Pan uses Britain’s material wealth for his own needs, and by 1776 is at the height of his powers and influence.


Second Spirits

Abilities: Zantir is Pan’s most trusted warrior. He usurps the souls of vanquished foes and uses their energy to manifest long, pale green whips. Once entangled in his whips, victims die within minutes.


Personality: Zantir carries himself with a regal air and considers himself above any other transfer, including others who serve Pan. He is calculated, proud, and vicious.

MARRA Turkey Vulture

Second Spirits

Abilities: While flying, Marra can disappear in Earth’s voids and reappear in the blink of an eye. She descends upon disoriented victims with great talons.


Personality: Marra is brooding and vindictive, and will stop at nothing to avenge the murder of her brother.


Second Spirits

Abilities: Weling projects a temporary shadow-warrior to fight enemies. His fur turns black when the shadow is manifested. Weling’s shade-warrior is impervious to wounds while “alive,” but drains his body’s physical energy. While weakened, he relies upon his swordsmanship and nimble fighting style. Weling regains his strength after the shadow-warrior vanishes.


Personality: Weling is the commander of Pan’s redcoat minions. As such, he cares deeply for his British soldiers, who he leads to battle throughout North America.

BRUNE Opposum

Third Spirits

Abilities: Brune has long, razor-sharp claws and teeth.


Personality: Brune is excessively violent, naturally brutish, and unpredictable.


As a byproduct of Pan’s opening of “dark worlds,” nonphysical places that exist within Earth’s plane, a number of ancient Earth creatures that had long been imprisoned were released. 


First Spirits: Somewhat humanoid in appearance, the First Spirits of the White Realm are pure psychics, and are the most powerful beings on planet Rancientia. Their great fortifications of ice and stone were created by their powerful minds. With the help of the Magi, the First Spirits also became masters of white magic.
Magi: The Magi are a mystical race of beings with unique appearances. They live on mainland Rancientia. Light Magi—those who practice white magic—are firmly allied with the First Spirits, and helped them grow stronger.
Second Spirits: The offspring of Spirit and Magi, the Second Spirits were born with unique talents and appearances. Although these spirits possess both psychic and magical talents, they are less powerful than the First Spirits.
Third Spirits: The offspring of Second Spirits and Magi, the third generation also possess psychic and mystical skills. They are humanoid in appearance, and are weaker and smaller in size than their forefathers.
Spirit Transference to Earth: Only Queen Dalasia’s magic can transfer Second Spirits and Third Spirits to exact locations on Earth. However, casting the spell drains her energy. Only Second Spirits and Third Spirits—being weaker than their parents—can make the trip to Earth. At first, the Queen instructed the spirit guilds to take human hosts, like Pan, but the young spirits were too weak to successfully defeat human consciousness. She moved to animals and discovered that, due to their consciousness levels and general innocence, beasts of all kinds were ideal hosts. The Weasels are the thirty-third group to be sent from Rancientia to Earth.

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