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Planet Rancientia

Planet Rancientia is an Earth-sized exoplanet, millions of light years from Earth. It is dominated by two allied races: the psychic Spirits of the White Realm, and the Magi of the Mainland. It is the ancestral home world of the main characters in the fantasy/historical fiction comic book series Spirit Guild.


Read M. Montelione’s Rise of the Psychic Spirits for a full history of the places and peoples of Rancientia.

Planet Earth

Long Island,
The Colony of New York
1776 AD

By September 1776, the British army firmly occupied Long Island and established martial rule there. Thousands of redcoats swarmed across the island, and tried to calm the storm of revolution. The sudden presence of British troops alarmed citizens, and interrupted their daily lives. Soldiers relied on Long Islanders for provisions and housing, for an indefinite amount of time. 


However, the British Empire did not bring peace to 1776 Long Island. In reality, no one was truly safe, regardless of personal or political connections, and violence of all kinds was commonplace. People from all walks of life (including the British military) were robbed, abused, kidnapped, and sometimes murdered by marauders who took advantage of wartime situations.

Mastic, Suffolk County, Eastern Long Island

Home to the Weasels, the Mastic Peninsula is nestled by calm, brackish waters off Suffolk County’s southeastern shore. It is bordered by the narrow Connecticut River and the South Bay to the west, the Mastic River and the Moriches Bay to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Throughout Mastic’s crooks and inlets, marshes mingle with salty waters that empty into the roaring sea. The Weasels live in a thick forest known as the Westwood, which borders the eastern side of the Connecticut River.

York Island

York Island was the central hub of the British war effort in New York. In Spirit Guild, York Island serves as Pan’s headquarters.

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